Indoor Soccer Shoes Online

Another way of Enjoying Soccer

Climate change has been drastic to our environment nowadays and we don’t know what might happen outside. When you look, it might be sunny, but when you are already going out, it will start to pour down. It’s like Mother Earth is having her mood swings just because we have been abusing it. That is why if you are fond of doing sports that are usually played outside, it’s a huge bummer when it starts raining and doesn’t even stop. That is why introduces you to a new method you can do to enjoy playing soccer even when you are indoors.

All About the Indoor Game

Indoor Soccer has become one of the popular games in US and also from other countries. It has artificial turf floors which is smaller compared to those stadiums. Sometimes, hockey arenas, skating rinks and even basketball courts are used in order to be able to play this game.

Just like the usual soccer game, same rules apply but there would be modifications depending on the place and structure of the game itself. Since the playing area is smaller, the goals are also not that huge and the penalty area as well. It’s an hour of playing, divided into 4 quarters with 15 minutes each. If a tie breaker is needed, there would be a 15 minute overtime until a team scores a goal.

There should be six players per team and one of them should be the goalkeeper. In this indoor game, it is allowed to hit the walls and you won’t have any penalty. However, if you hit the ceiling, the game will pause and the opposing team will have a free kick.

Since it is more efficient compared to the outside soccer, a lot of schools and colleges started to adapt this game as a sort of recreational activity.


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